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What Is Lead Generation ?

As a business, it is crucial that Lead Generation be at the forefront of any digital marketing campaign you undertake and that you understand what lead generation is in terms of digital marketing. The digital era has transformed the way we do business. Gone are the days where promoting your business means taking out a newspaper advertisement or launching a flyer campaign and knocking door to door. These days, you are able to focus on your target audience and research their habits using various analytics software(s). A bit like using an x-ray machine on your data. You can choose who to hit, when and how – and execute campaigns with extreme precision. This allows you to reverse engineer your campaigns with your starting point being the end goal, the user. Businesses must keep up and continually adapt to develop their digital marketing strategies.Social media and search engine marketing are synonymous with lead generation.

What is Lead Generation in Digital Marketing?

In digital marketing, lead generation is the process of identifying, attracting, and transforming online users into prospects for a business. The method utilizes online channels, tactics, and strategies such as email campaigns, paid social media ads, or even offering downloadable content through a landing page.

How to Generate Marketing Leads?

The strategies of lead generations typically involve using content in various forms to increase brand awareness and interest in products or services. Using the sales funnel to nurture the leads interested in your business and nudge them towards taking purchase actions. Seasoned B2B marketers focus on the quality of the lead they attract. They do this by working to understand their buyer persona and ensure that their content resonates deeply with their ideal customer. Speaking of strategies, keep in mind that content is the medium you’ll use to reach your ideal customers. You need to invest significant resources in creating valuable content that helps your target audience achieve some of their goals related to the product or service you sell. While you’re at it, I’ll share with you three effective lead generation strategies used by highly successful marketers to attract and convert qualified prospects.

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The Two Main Areas Of Focus For Lead Generation

B2B Lead Generation
B2C Lead Generation

B2B Lead Generation is an integral part of the sales process. It’s also known as Business-To-Business Lead Generation, which is defined as activities that bring in new leads (prospects) into your sales funnel that are potential buyers of your products or services. B2B Lead Generation helps improve lead quality and quantity by helping you identify who’s looking to change suppliers, buy additional products, subscribe to a trial, etc.

B2C Lead Generation

B2C Lead Generation is the process of marketing to consumers. What businesses need for B2C Lead Generation is large volumes of high-quality leads across various channels (like search, social media, and referrals) that fit certain criteria or provide specific details. The more leads you get, the faster you can act on them; this allows marketers to constantly move prospects through their sales funnel at a faster rate.Businesses can achieve this through Lead Generation, which is often done via inbound marketing and then nurtured via automated lead nurturing and engagement tools.

Why is Lead Generation in Digital Marketing So Important?

To grow your business, you’ll need customers. Customers come from marketing and advertising. This occurs through the use of digital ads or word-of-mouth on social media. Once a lead has been generated, it is usually passed to the sales team for them to nurture the relationship and hopefully convert it into a buying customer. This can be done in many ways, though it’s best to have a robust and reliable system in place so that you can properly monitor things and see what works best in your sales funnel. By using the latest developments in technology to identify trends and analyse customer habits, it is now feasible to reach a wider audience through social media advertising. It has never been easier for businesses to target their potential customers with social media advertisement because of changes in data analysis software.

What Are The Different Types of Leads?

Marketing Qualified Leads

Marketing qualified leads are those contacts that have engaged with your marketing assets but aren’t quite ready to get on the phone for a sales call with you just yet. A good example of a Marketing Qualified Lead is a contact who has filled out a form on your landing page to claim an offer, like 10% off or a 30 day free trial.

Sales Qualified Leads

Sales qualified leads are the contacts that have taken action. This means the users who have indicated a firmer interest in becoming a paying customer to your business.An example of a Sales Qualified Lead would be a contact that has filled out a form on your website to ask a specific question about your product(s) and/or service(s).

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Service Qualified Leads

Service qualified leads can be categorised as the contacts or customers who have expressed an interest in becoming a paying customer to your customer service team. A good example of this would be a prospect who tells your customer service department that they’d like to upgrade their current subscription with you. In this moment, the customer service representative would connect this customer to the appropriate account manager or sales team representative.

Product Qualified Leads

Product Qualified Leads are the contacts who have physically used your product(s) and taken actions that show you a strong level of interest in becoming a paying customer. These types of leads can be easily accessed by companies offering an experiential or digital product trial, such as a 14 day free trial of your software or a 10 day VIP pass to your discounts area on your website. An example of a Product Qualified Lead could be a customer who uses the free version of your product but has frequently been asking about the features that are only available upon payment

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