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What Is Graphic Design ?

Are you searching for creative & experienced graphic designers in Pune to give a unique identity to your brand? You first need to understand what graphic designing is and how important it is for your business. Recent studies revealed that 90% of information transmitted to the human brain is in the form of graphics or images. Graphic designing is thus one of the key components of digital marketing that is used to build, develop, and grow your brand presence on various digital platforms. It is said that “Good design reflects good business”, yes – it’s true because elements used in graphic design communicate your message clearly and convey to viewers to take appropriate actions. As we dress to build our personality, graphic designing is used to build your brand identity.

Why do you need a Graphic Design?

Creating Your Unique Identity

One of the main mottos of every graphic designer is to build a unique identity for your brand. This allows customers to identify your brand immediately when they see your presence online. Graphic designers excellently combine colors, angles, images, and text that reflect your brand’s philosophy. 

Convey Your Message Clearly and Creatively

Humans believe more in feelings and graphic designing allows you to touch their emotions through colors and images while marketing your business. A specific element of graphic design can convey your message clearly to your target audience and push them to take action. Moreover, a good creative agency in Pune like Virtuthink can do wonders for your brand through its ideas and innovations.

Impress Your Audience

More than 87% of customers agreed that their buying decision is based on how brands they follow market themselves creatively. If done with the right mindset, graphic designing leaves a long-lasting impression on your target audience. Once you establish a strong bond with your followers, they believe in your credibility and trust your offerings.

Distinguish Your Brand from Others

There is huge competition in every industry segment to outperform others. An innovative campaign with creative graphic design help distinguishes your brand and create a positive impression on your target audience.

Raise Your Sales Graph

The ultimate aim of every business is to increase sales and profits. It is observed that creative designs helped businesses to increase their returns by 25%. Graphic designing, if handled by one of the best design agencies in Pune, is the best option to create engaging digital marketing campaigns that raise your sales outcomes

Our Graphic Designing Solutions

If you wish to enhance your brand presence, you need the best graphic design services that implement a solid combination of color, shape, space, texture, and images. As a leading graphic design company in Pune, Virtuthink suggests the business’s graphical strategies and approaches that make them stand apart from the competition. We offer the following graphic designing solutions to market your brand in your industry vertical:

Logo Design
Brochure Design
Flyer – Standee – Poster Design
UI/UX Design
Web Design
Social Media Images
PowerPoint Presentation

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Frequently Asked Questions

The main aim of graphic design is to combine text and graphical elements to communicate a message effectively and clearly. We, as one of the best graphic designing companies in Pune, optimize the user experience through our creations.

Graphic designing is mostly used to create a company logo, printed material like visiting cards, pamphlets, brochures, posters, flyers, standee, banners, and billboards. It is also used for digital marketing to create online ads, virtual presentations, social media images, websites, and mobile applications.   

We, as a leading UI UX design agency in Pune, use advanced designing software like Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Corel Draw, Adobe InDesign, etc.

Our designers not only create only graphics for your business but will closely work with you to position and grow your brand.

Yes, you can, but it will lack the benefits that a professional graphic designer offers. Graphic designers are trained and skilled professionals who help you design engaging creatives that a free tool cannot.

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