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What are 360-degree Photography and Virtual Tours?

The art of capturing the full 360-degree scene of location using special photographic devices (panoramic tripod head) is called 360-degree photography. 360 images look completely different than the normal images and grab the viewer’s attention towards your business.
When 360-degree panoramic rotating images are stitched together to give a full 3600 view of the location, it is known as 360 Virtual Tour. To create a 360 virtual tour of your business, it would be great if you hire a professional 360 photography company in Pune like Virtuthink. A visual experience for the viewer is created using special cameras, lenses, technology, and methods. We are a leading 360 photography company that creates a sense of immersion by keeping viewers at the heart of our work. 360 Photography and VR tours are commonly used in real estate, hotels, showrooms, schools, and auditoriums. Banquet halls, hospitals, industrial sheds, and shops.

Why Your Business Needs a Google 360 Photography and Virtual Tour?

What if your viewer feels and experiences your business presented in the virtual environment from the place of their comfort? It would help visitors to understand your business and attract them to your brick & mortar store. The photography industry revolutionized with the entry of the 360 technique that focuses on ‘Let customers in virtually before they in physically. 


(62% of visitors prefer listings with photos of store interiors)

  (On average, 41% of business searches on Google Maps result in an on-site visit.)

   (Complete listings inspire trust and are 78% more likely to be viewed as well-established)

(Listings with photos and tours motivate customers to make a purchase 29% of the time.)

Our Photography & Videography Services

360 Photoshoot & Videography
3D Virtual Experiences
Google Business Tours

As a leading 360 Photography Service Providers in Pune, we offer the best quality 360 photoshoot & videography. Website viewers can virtually experience your establishment without actually stepping into it. Viewers can enjoy taking a look up, down, right, and left as if they are present at the location. They can also zoom in and out to focus on the areas of their interest.

3D Virtual ExperiencesWe are the renowned 360 virtual tour company that conduct and display high-end photography fully customized with description to best showcase your business. Our skilled VR tour operators display a beautiful and informative visual representation of your business by linking together multiple locations. You can embed processed VR tours directly on your website to enhance the online visibility of your business.


It is a very popular technology that is mainly used on Google Maps to showcase panoramic views of your establishment. This technology can be used by smaller businesses to large enterprises due to its affordable pricing. Just with 20 to 25 spins, you can cover the entire small shop from the front door inside to all the areas of your shop. We are the leading Google Trusted Photographers in Pune – Verified and listed by Google.

Why Choose Us?

Who We Are?

Who We Are?

We are a leading 360 virtual tour company in Pune that specializes in showcasing the interiors, landscapes, and infrastructure of your establishments.

Our Experience

With 8+ years of experience in the photography & videography industry, we conducted shoots for many hospitality venues, universities, conference centers, medical facilities, corporations, retail stores, historical sites, and national parks across India.

Our Specialty

We are committed to translating images and photos in a way that virtual presence looks the same as like real presence. We offer top-notch services and pay attention to every minute detail of what we are recording and producing to let our client’s ambiance look as real as they are. With our industry-specific knowledge, skills, and experience, we provide great customer service (pre & post production) for every client.

Frequently Asked Questions

We usually offer HD visuals and rich navigation as our standard offerings. But to let our clients stand out, we additionally offer multi-format shoots, information points, pixel-perfect design, and touch support.

Yes! You can begin your business introduction with a video or VR tour. We design most of our projects with either an illustrated map, an aerial drone scene, a 360 video, still imagery, or some text describing your business.  

Our professional photographer needs only 3-5 minutes to shoot an individual 360 scene if the area or premises is ready for the shoot. We provide you checklist before the photo shoot that will help you prepare your area perfectly for the shoot. 

Generally, VR tours or 360 shoots are conducted to showcase your establishment to viewers and let them feel their actual presence even if they are virtually seeing it. You can focus on showcasing your interiors, exteriors, entrance lobby, sitting areas, cafeteria, etc. If you wish, you can also include your staff and business owners in the tour.  

It depends on the size and complexity of the shoot conducted. For small projects, we try to deliver within 4-6 days but for large projects, it may take 4-6 weeks to deliver the best quality output.  

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